Social Media Optimisation

At Just Search, we specialise in delivering a service that increases the power and visibility of your brand’s online presence at the same time as increasing the traffic to your site. All of the social media optimisation techniques we employ are fully compatible with the current SEO strategies that you may already have in place.

You stand a much greater chance of reaching a wider audience if you complement your SEO campaign with an extensive SMO campaign alongside it. SMO strategies allow you to use a wider range of channels in order to drive traffic to your website and bolster its success.

The growing influence of social media

Social media is hugely influential and it is important for businesses to harness some of that power in order to expand. The real power of social media comes from its community flavour and the right campaign can help to ensure this aspect works in your favour.

With regular posts, you can increase your following and take advantage of the way information is passed on within a community platform. A constant social presence reflects well on your business.

Just Search social media optimisation

The kinds of techniques used at Just Search have proven effective and our experts will tailor your social media optimisation campaign in order to meet the demands and idiosyncrasies of your industry.

With a good SMO strategy in place, you can expect enhanced search engine results and an increased volume of traffic that is acutely relevant to your business. These effects are achieved through social bookmarking, status updates, fresh and unique posts on satellite blogs and micro blogs and the sharing of videos and techniques.

Advantages of SMO

Social media optimisation is changing all the time and a campaign with Just Search offers the following advantages:

Inbound links

A great way to reinforce to your search engine rankings is to attract more inbound links from sites publishing relevant content. Search engines look upon inbound links effectively as ‘votes of confidence’ when they come from reputable sources.

Social bookmarking

Alerting search engines to updates is a good way of making sure your site is always considered current and relevant. Social bookmarking enables all fresh content to be flagged up and tagged in order to meet this end.

Enhanced content portability

Any content that is posted on social media platforms is vastly more portable than the content that is included on the static pages of your site. This means it can be indexed more variously.

Greater linking opportunities

It is possible to increase traffic to your site by linking back to internal pages or your home page through the content posted on social media platforms.

Further opportunities to share

Sharing is a good way of enhancing your reputation in the online community. It’s possible to share videos and other information for others to use, but which will still be credited to you.