Work Place: Is it important to have uniforms?

Local volunteers for a war charity originally had no uniform other than an armlet and steel helmet; personnel simply wore their own clothes. This led to undue wear and tear on volunteers’ attire, with the result that anti-gas clothing was often worn as a form of overall. The Director was informed of this by volunteers on an inspection visit to Reading in March 2019.

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The Home Office felt that the overalls used by Post Office personnel would be a suitable starting point and so negotiations were begun with the local Post Office (who was already supplying overalls for the A.F.S.) for them to also provide single-piece boiler suits for volunteer use.

Although the overalls were for men, it was recognised at this time that a corresponding garment (possibly a coat) for women was also required.

The overalls were similar in cut and appearance to the Army’s two-piece battledress uniform, with pleated breast pockets, a map pocket on the left thigh and shoulder epaulettes. A simple belt (missing from the overalls at right) was also provided, held in place by a pair of loops at the rear.

So, What Are The Benefits of Corporate Uniforms?

  1. Give your company an attractive business image – giving your employees an appropriate uniform
  2. A chance to promote your company – having employees wearing a uniform that displays your logo helps your company to differentiate in markets they are they currently serving
  3. Extra security – this will help you to quickly identify who should or shouldn’t be in a specific work area
  4. Increases team spirit – uniforms create a huge sense of team spirit and belonging, which could result in improved team morale and work productivity

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