Marketing Strategy

Word of mouth marketing… Where do I start?

Your best and most cost effective marketing tool in your arsenal is your WOM (word of mouth) marketing tool.

What does this mean?

It means that you should ask your customers, clients, friends and relatives if they will help you to get the word out about your company. I have never heard of someone saying no to helping another person out in this way!

  • Ask them what they think your company is about
  • Ask them what your greatest strength is
  • Ask if you can quote their testimonial in your brochure or advert

It always helps to share your brand strategy with your contacts so they know where you want your business to go and who you want to speak to. View advantages.

Getting started with experiential marketing

Experiential marketing is a technique that creates an experience between a brand and a consumer. This type of marketing is used to bring brands to life and engage directly with their target audience.

Why does experiential marketing work so well?

As this type of marketing is solely about engaging with people, this gets to the heart of what motivates people to purchase/use the services of the brand. The best and most thought out campaigns with focus on the audience by putting them first, motivating them and produce tangible results. Find out more.

  • Generates sales and leads
  • Allows consumers to experience products/services
  • Allows brands to convey their values and mission

Experiential marketing is fairly easy when it comes to tracking your results/analytics. This could include how many samples were given away or newsletter sign-ups. Click here for examples.