Improve the security in your corporate buildings

The Top Security Measures for Any Commercial Building

A wide variety of industries, such as healthcare and education, use these security measures as a prevention strategy from unauthorised people accessing certain parts of a building. These strategies help to enhance building, employee and visitor safety.

  1. Security Doors

The use of revolving security doors and portals means you can directly control pedestrian passages, which minimises the risk of ‘tailgating’. The latest revolving door models use sensor technology that reinforces a single person entry. Find out more.

These types of security doors offer secure entrances that are reliable, which is needed to maintain the safety of those within the building.

  1. Surveillance

Surveillance is fundamental in the safety and security of employees and assets. Whilst CCTV is often the most popular choice, there are other options available from IP cameras to wired systems; each type of surveillance is suitable for a range of requirements.

Cameras can contribute to and increase the overall building security as building staff can safely observe high traffic or restricted areas. More benefits here.

  1. Access Gates

Access gates are widely used alongside security doors. This type of security system can cater to a variety of visitors, staff and building members, rather than limiting pedestrian access. We recommend these access control installers.

These gates offer secure and comfortable access for those that have luggage, as well as mobility requirements. There are a variety of models available which can perfectly suit your business needs, as well as slimmer models for smaller buildings.

Having the correct security measures in place is imperative for any commercial building. Read this article.