Pictures and videos

Their style is pictures and some video which elicits comments and shares from their fanbase.

But their numbers are only about 10% of the views on the youtube channel and they missed a marketing trick with the video… no call to action at the end to either subscribe to the channel or visit the facebook page – all of these things are very easy to add after the event as when this was released they were probably not even thinking of using Facebook.

A smaller business is much more likely to do this and to add comments on the youtube page with a url linking directly to the page. Big brands often miss these minute details that with their numbers can have a massive effect.

I also looked up the Dell Facebook page and was horrified to see unanswered unhappy customers…. Now just one comment from a customer saying something negative is the opener for others. They are no longer the instigator of something that isn’t good on the page and is very happy to pile in and say well actually I am unhappy too.

Had the Facebook community manager spotted the comment that started the ball rolling and posted just a general sorry to hear that comment it may have stopped the post 2 days later that started even more negativity.

Of course, some customers will post their bad experiences irrespective of the other comments on the page but they are much more likely if there are others for them to follow. The worst thing about this is there are at least 3 negative customer experiences in this one thread… and not one response from a page admin. Yet they have posted other content. So have they decided on a policy of not responding to negative comments or had it just been missed?

I revisited the page to download the screenshots and found half a dozen more specific negative comments that had been ignored publicly. Yes, there appear to be happier than unhappy customers on the brand page BUT the viral effect of those comments is massive.

When you have a choice just seeing the type of comments such as second-hand parts used in the machine and within 2 months not working and not being replaced you can see that people will think again about a brand and choose another.

So what should a brand do?

It should have a policy of how to handle them and what to say and should at the very least publicly respond saying we are here to help.