How can you make your office space more productive?

Office architecture, believe it or not, has a lot to do with productivity.

Creating or choosing a space that best suits your company or staff will help set them up for future success and will encourage them to be more efficient when they come into work.

Create or choose an efficient space

Make sure there is a separate area to sit down and eat – lunch at your desk is a big no-no. Separate meeting rooms away from hustle and bustle also help to keep staff focused by eliminating noisy, talkative distractions.

Plus, separate rooms mean you’ll have to get up from your desk more and move around, which has a huge influence on energy levels.

Meeting areas

Meeting areas are an important part of productivity in the workspace.  If you don’t have a proper space to have meetings, then your meetings are likely to be treated with less importance.

I f you are a business that often has client meetings, you will want to have a professional space that shows your business takes its work seriously.

It is also nice to have somewhere that your clients can be seen, that is out of the busy office environment.

If your office doesn’t have a proper meeting area then it would be a good idea to invest in getting one.

Alternatively, if you do not have space for one, you could look into co-working spaces that offer meeting room rentals, in order to offer your clients, and workers a professional environment to talk business.

Make room to collaborate

It’s really important that you choose an office space that includes a collaborative area where the team can escape to and be creative. A meeting room with one large table where the team can come together away from the hustle and bustle of the office will keep them focused and even excited – especially if space is enticing and well decorated.

This way workers will want to use this space to collaborate with each other.

Desk space and devices

A major way to increase productivity is to start at the desk.

Creating desk spaces that have all the devices and equipment that your workers need will massively increase their productivity.

You can improve desk space by avoiding clutter from cables. Converting to wireless keyboards and mouses is just one way you can do this.

Another way to do this is by getting cable organisers or even just labelling cables so you know what they are for.


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