Office Solutions: Creating a Better Office Environment

The most successful companies are ones that have the happiest employees. Happy employees will be more motivated, productive and efficient with their time, which is why it is important to have a healthy environment in the office. Take a look at our other solutions.

Happy workers are 52% more likely to stay with a company.

  1. A clean & comfortable spaceThe benefits of an office cleaner

Being in an area that is attractive, pleasant and comfortable means you will feel better, giving you motivation to work harder. Make sure all broken equipment is cleared, there should be no clutter and remove unnecessary bits of furniture. De-clutter your desk.

Having a clean and tidy work space creates a happier and healthier environment for you and your employees. It allows everyone to be more organised and focused on their work.

Having a dirty and disorganised work place causes a lot of distraction and confusion leading the staff to be less productive. If you can relate and want to make a change, visit Emmit Builders for help. They can provide a range of services including commercial fit outs.

Also, have a cleaning company come in at the end of each working day to wipe down the kitchen area, clean the toilets and Hoover the place. This will not only help you to keep the area tidy, but avoids the build-up of bacteria. If you are looking for a top commercial cleaning company in the Brighton area, we recommend visiting this website.

  1. Have quiet rooms for time out

Having an open plan office is great when sharing work, however you should also think about a quiet area where employees can focus solely on one project. This can prevent interruptions and minimise stress, leading to improved mood and better productivity. Stats here.

It is also important to have a separate space for employee breaks. This means that staff can have a stress free lunch and space to relax. Having a separate area will mean employees will be more focused when they return from their break.

Having a break room is great for employees

  1. Open door policy

Staff members may get lost or confused during a project, which is why you should make it clear that you are always available for questions, comments and concerns and in private if needed. ‘Keeping the door open’ will encourage staff to engage and communicate if they need assistance. See more information.