How socialmedia can make you money

No this is not a spammy, link-filled piece on how to make money online using social media… it is a few pointers help you get you and your business found online by a few simple techniques and advice so if you wanted a get rich quick scheme sorry there are no magic bullets in social media!

1. Show the world who you are, what you do and where you are on Twitter

In your Twitter Bio, you have 160 characters… have you wasted yours? Your bio is searchable not only on twitter but also in loads of apps developed to make Twitter a better experience. If you have missed out the fundamental things you are really not making yourself easy to find.

Have a play and see what you can do to improve being found more on this very powerful platform. Do not forget to add where you are as this is probably the most important thing there for searches.

2. Do you come up for what you do and where you are in LinkedIn?

If not, you should have a quick look at this video and see how you can improve this… How many times a day are you coming up in the searches? How many times are people clicking through and checking you out?

The more times you come up the more chances you have of someone taking a peek and if they like what they see they could take it that step further… and there are loads of businesses partnering up and creating great joint venture partnerships that make you both money. We see this happening all the time and loads of businesses who have been on our training are sharing great success stories about it.

3. Are you using your Facebook account well?

Forget B2B and B2C you are now P2P, that’s person to person and what is behind every great company? The chances are some of the people you are likely to do business with are on facebook and in a mood to chat. No gatekeepers, no meeting constraints, and no problems if you connect in the right way. many people have their accounts wide open so the world can see it, mainly because they have no idea how to lock it down.

If you do a quick search of people you want to connect with for business see who you are connected to who actually knows them and see what their likes and interests are. You may find you have more in common than you thought. They are much more likely to say yes to a friend connection if you are connected to someone they know and if you take the time to send a personal message to them. You may even suggest something you think would help them.. like a link to a video that helps them lock down their account is a start…

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