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Upholstery cleaning

Take a look at your office furniture, is it clean and stain free? Dirt can easily become embedded into the material of chairs and other furniture, which is why it is important to have regular office cleaning and upholstery services. Find more information.

All of the dirt and bacteria in the office furniture can cause allergic reactions and irritations to your staff. Therefore, it is very important to take good care in your upholstery, so you can protect the employees that work for your company. Bring back the freshness and healthy air in your office.

Toilet Cleaning – is it necessary?

If cleaned properly with detergent, toilets will not smell. Bacterial growth occurs when surface cleaning has not been carried out properly.

Surface cleaning will remove almost everything which could cause you problem, such as spread of bacteria and illnesses. Bleaching, and the use of disinfectants will not replace a good clean and de-scaling because it is the scale and the un-cleaned surface soiling which attracts bacteria.

You can’t beat the level of cleanliness offered from Vericlean Office Cleaners who works across Croydon in offices in a range of sizes, including small and large. More Information.

Carpet Cleaning

Dirty, stained carpets can ruin the overall aesthetic of the building and can even be an eyesore for clients and visitors.

Our comprehensive carpet cleaning service is thriving because of our unmatched skill and experience in the field of professional carpet cleaning. We are the leading expert carpet cleaners in and around South London. Our reputation is built on giving top quality service at an affordable price. Benefits here.

Carpet cleaners will use the latest technology and environmentally friendly carpet cleaning methods to ensure the best results from services. Highly trained specialists are ready to exceed your expectations.