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Can your business benefit from automatic doors?

Would your business benefit from automatic doors?

If your business is open to the public, then accessibility should be a huge priority for you. Ask yourself, how easy is it for people to get into your premises?

No matter what type of business you run, such as a hotel, shop, restaurant or any other public business, accessibility upgrades could make a massive difference to the way people look at your company.

Allowing access for disabled customers

With recent legislations, it is a requirement for businesses to offer access to the disabled with wheelchair ramps, automatic doors and lifts. It is important to make sure your company complies with this as this could lead to fines in the future.

Whilst the biggest priority is access for the disabled, this could also help parents with buggies and even able-bodied people struggle to open doors when they are weighed down by shopping bags and luggage.

Automatic doors have a huge array of benefits

Whatever area of business you are in, automatic doors is a great way to ensure that customers / employees move through an area quickly. Not having automatic doors can create queues, making it very inconvenient for your customers, potentially leaving a negative impression. Find out how automatic doors can affect your customer service by visiting this website.

Another brilliant benefit of automatic doors is the energy savings that come with them. Heavy, manual doors are often propped open during the day to allow space, air and even to avoid the sound of doors slamming. Automatic doors allow you to forget about all the noise pollution that comes with typical doors and will only open when prompted by movement.

So, if you are interested in automatic doors, we recommend getting in touch with a leading supplier to discuss your requirements. We recommend getting in touch with Erreka Auto Doors & Shop Fronts by calling 01275 871787.